Faith College of Natural Health

Faith College of Natural Health was founded by Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD (Founder of Christian Faith University) to offer Faith-based professional programs of study in the field of natural health. The natural health field is growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the United States. People know about and are tired of the detrimental effects of pharmaceutical based traditional medicine. They are embracing the Holistic approach of rebuilding the mind, body, and Spirit to experience the healing of the whole person and true Biblical Health.


The mission of Faith College of Natural Health is to provide the public with competent, educated, and confident Biblical Health professionals. We are proud to offer courses to those seeking ways to return to the Biblical principles of natural health. We grant Certificates, Diplomas, Associates, Masters and Doctorates Degrees in Natural Health, Holistic Health, Herbalism, Biblical Counseling, Nutrition, and Biblical Wellness. We train students to successfully start their own private practice or enhance their existing practice and to ultimately become a member of the prestigious Professional Wellness Alliance.

Our Philosophy of Education

Education is a progression from Knowledge to Understanding to Wisdom, like the process from eating to digestion to physical energy. Learning is essential for deciding what things are least and most important, and for making intelligent choices in your everyday life. Much of your present lifestyle has been shaped by everything you’ve learned since birth.

Education is the important act of passing along the accumulated knowledge from preceding generations to the next one, without which we would be plunged back into the fears and superstitions of the dark ages of prehistory. Getting a degree just proves that you did your part in conveying the torch of truth to tomorrow’s youth.

Ideas rule the world, and new ideas have changed the course of history. Our generation has been dubbed, “The Information Age.” But, today’s scientific technology may be outdated tomorrow. We must rise to the occasion and meet the demands of a high-tech and rapidly changing society. Therefore, Faith College of Natural Health views education as a necessity for this constant evolving world.

Earning your desired degree can be easily accomplished if you will apply the same type of motivation, self-determination and foresight that has brought you to your present level of achievement.

Now you no longer have to be without your desired degree. We have developed numerous Degree Programs that will conclude with the awarding of a degree in your field of desire or experience. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of a graduating high school student, the busy professional adult or anyone wanting to start a new career. Our programs, in most cases, may be completed in substantially shorter time periods. Our degree programs are substantially less expensive than comparable programs at many other private independent colleges and universities.

Are you ready to start your journey at Faith College of Natural Health?

Meet Our Staff

kevin k.png

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, D.PSc, CBHC – President, Dean, Professor

Life Experience

Associate Pastor – Addiction Specialist – Agape Community Church – 15 years – A residential drug addiction ministry

Mental Health Tech with Devereux Foundation – 12 years – working with Mentally Challenged and Abused Teenagers

Owner / Operator of Life Recovery Center / Holistic Health Center – 16 years – an outpatient Christian mental health and addictions therapy center, plus specializing in Alternative Cancer Therapies, Holistic Therapy for Addictions, Natural Pain Relief, Natural Supplements, and Health Testing

Licensed, Board Certified and Diplomat Member with the Pastoral Medical Association AKA Professional Wellness Alliance as a Natural Health Practitioner

Board Member – Faith College of Natural Health


Ordained Minister from the Seminary Covenant Community in Florida.

Certified Biblical Health Coach – Life Training Institute

Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University

Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Trinity Evangelical Christian University

PhD in Pastoral Counseling from New Covenant International Bible College

Doctorate in Natural Health from Christian Faith College of Natural Medicine


Professor Gordon Pennington, BA, MNH, CH

Life Experience

President - Rainbow Health Company - a growing natural health company offering herbal solutions, ointments, oils, teas & spices.

President – Rainbow Ministries - a ministry of natural health and spiritual freedom, training others to do the same

Founder, President & Board Member – Good Samaritan Club USA – a worldwide ministry helping the homeless, the addicted, the poor and the sick plus volunteering and supplying emergency disaster relief worldwide.

Board Member - Faith College of Natural Health


Certification – in Herbology from CFU School of Natural Medicine

Associates Degree in Biblical studies from Christian Faith University

Bachelor’s Degree as Minister of Natural Health from Christian Faith University

Michael Edward.jpg

FCNH Professor - Dr. Michael F. Edwards, PhD, CHHP, CHES, CPT 

Life Experience

Health Education Program Manager- US Department of Defense (Cherry Point MAS, NC; Patrick AFB, FL; Moody AFB, GA)

Regional Health and Wellness Lecturer- Summit and Cigna Healthcare

Wellness Coordinator- Northrup Grumman

American Red Cross Health and Safety Instructor- ARC Greenville, NC

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)- North Carolina

Owner- NC Health and Wellness Institute, Thee Wellness Institute (Florida)

AmeriCorps/Vista-(Volunteers In Service to America)

Veteran- NC National Guard/US Army Reserves


“Adverse Possessions-The Complete Story of the Fort Fisher Hermit”

“The Last Battle for Independence-The Story of the Fort Fisher Hermit”

“Against the Grain-Reflections of a Certified Health Educator”


BS Business Administration- East Carolina University

MA Health Education- East Carolina University

PhD Natural Health- Faith College of Natural Health

Certificate- Nutrition, Bodycare, and Herbalism-American College of Healthcare Sciences

Certificate- Holistic Nutrition-Penn Foster Career School

Certificate- Personal Trainer-National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association

Certificate- Senior Fitness Instructor-American Senior Fitness Association

Certificate- Gerontology-Valdosta State University/Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC

Certificate- Certified Nutritional Consultant-The American Association of Nutritional Consultants

Certificate- Wellness Coach/Corporate Wellness Coach-Spencer Institute

Board Certifications/Accreditations

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)- NCHEC

Registered Health Educator- NC Board of Registry for Health Education, Inc.

Holistic Health Practitioner- American Holistic Health Association

Holistic Health Practitioner- American Association of Drugless Practitioners