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Associates Degree Program (AS)

Minister of Natural Health

(Module 3) - 60 Total Credits

The term “Minister of Health” is used extensively worldwide, and are members of a country's government typically responsible for protecting and promoting public health and providing social services. The goal of our educational programs is to prepare, educate, and equip leaders to start their own businesses to advance natural health and wellness to individuals, communities, nonprofit organizations, churches, hospitals, public health institutions and many more. 

Requirement for Enrollment:

Student must have completed Module 1 (15 credits) and Module 2 (15 credits), have transfer credits, or life experience credits totaling 30 credits before starting Associates Degree Program (Module 3).

Outline of Module 3 Courses (30 Credits):
  • Biblical Healing (3 credits) 

  • Enzymes for Digestive Health (3 credits) 

  • Conquering Cancer (3 credits) 

  • Homeopathy 1 (3 credits) 

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (3 credits) 

  • Kinesiology (3 credits) 

  • Detoxification (3 credits) 

  • Emotionally Free (3 credits) 

  • Introduction to Parasitology (3 credits) 

  • Herbal Ways (3 credits) 


Module 3 Course Descriptions:

MOD-3-1. Biblical Healing – A manual for building a prayer team capable of ministering effectively to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others through prayer. An excellent guide to learn how to pray for healing. Learn how to build a healing ministry. 

MOD-3-2. Enzymes for Digestive Health - This course shows how enzyme therapy can make significant improvements in health, immune function, pain reduction, even moods, mental clarity, food and chemical tolerances, and gastrointestinal issues as proven in long-standing scientific research and studies. 

MOD-3-3. Conquering Cancer – Learn the nutritional rebuilding process that can help you win the war against cancer, how specific preventive measures can neutralize cancer and other degenerative diseases, how to find a team of doctors and professionals that will help battle cancer most successfully, how to encourage and help someone fight cancer, and how to keep a fighting spirit and maintain morale.

MOD-3-4. Homeopathy 1 - The history (and successes) of homeopathy go back hundreds of years. Since the 1940's, there has been an increase in interest in Homeopathy in the US. In other parts of the world, homeopathy is the primary mode for treatments and cures. This brief course will give you a good foundation, with information on building your own treatment kits, enabling you to treat yourself for minor injuries and everyday ailments.

MOD-3-5. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – learn about a non-invasive screening test that can predict and help prevent common health conditions, provide pertinent information about one's metabolic rate, energy levels, the adequacy of one's diet, and stage of stress. It takes the guesswork out of recommending foods and nutritional supplements.

MOD-3-6. Kinesiology - Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-easy- ology) means manually testing the muscles to see how they move, or if they don't. It uses these muscles as monitors of stress and imbalances in the body. Kinesiology integrates western techniques and eastern medical systems to promote physical, mental and emotional health. 

MOD-3-7. Detoxification - outlines the steps you need to take to thoroughly detoxify and cleanse your body from disease-causing toxins. You will also learn how to reduce your toxic exposure and how to strengthen your immune system. Through detoxification you will free yourself from the chains of pain, reverse degenerative conditions, gain more energy, feel and look younger, improve your memory, and be happier.  

MOD-3-8. Emotionally Free - Learn how to screen for emotional and behavioral symptoms. Recognize the mental and physical clues that indicate biochemical imbalances, particularly in the brain. This course teaches natural ways of dealing with physiological causes of depression, anxiety, paranoia, anger, emotional instability, and addictions to prescription and non-prescription drugs.

MOD-3-9. Introduction to Parasitology - gives the information you need to know to ward off unwelcome parasites, explains what parasites are, why they are harmful, how they are spread and how to create a parasite-proof diet and lifestyle. It teaches what are the latest anti parasitic drugs, treatment, and herbal cures.

MOD-3-10. Herbal Ways – discover the three functions of herbs, eight traditional methods of herbal therapy, the benefits of a balanced diet, herbal treatments for (cancer, herpes, acne, arthritis, back pain, weight problems, colds, and flu), detailed descriptions, use, and dosages for herbs, and how to purchase, grow, and store herbs.


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