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Advanced Level 2 Certificate Program

Health Coaching

(Module 2) - 30 Total Credits

Health coaching includes studies in the area of health, nutrition, and exercise, as well as human behavior and motivation. Health Coaches teach clients to adopt and maintain lifestyle habits that can improve their overall health and wellbeing and lower their risk and/or reduce the effects of chronic disease. Health coaching studies also include stress management, weight loss, sleep hygiene, addiction, and physical activity. Health Coaches help people discover the reasons why they need to make health improvements and identify challenges and obstacles while providing support, guidance, and accountability for making lifestyle changes.

Requirement for Enrollment:

Students must complete our Level 1 Certificate Program (Module 1 - 15 credits) or equivalent in previous studies and / or similar Life Experience totaling 15 credits before advancing to Level 2 Certificate Program (Module 2).

Outline of Module 2 Courses (15 Credits):
  • Anatomy 1 (3 Credits)

  • Biblical Holistic Health (3 Credits)

  • Introduction to Health Coaching (3 Credits)

  • Healthy Weight Management (3 Credits)

  • Legal Guidelines (3 Credits)

Patient on Scale
Awarded frameable certificate upon completion of program.

Module 2 Course Descriptions:

MOD-2-6. Anatomy I – This course encompasses every aspect of the body, from the functions of the pancreas to the making of blood cells and provides concise descriptions for every system of the body accompanied by color paintings and photographs. 

MOD-2-7. Biblical Holistic Health - Are you looking for a health plan that is biblically based and scientifically proven? This course is just for you. Using a truly holistic approach to health, this course leads you on a journey that can make your health dreams become a reality. Discover how the author’s faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world's healthiest people. 

MOD-2-8. Introduction to Health Coaching - The occupation of “Health and Wellness Coach”, AKA “Health Educator” has a bright future, as populations are getting older, heavier, and more chemically imbalanced, often from FDA “approved” chemicals.  Health risks and Preventative Health information are being completely ignored. Behavior change, and goal setting strategies, in theory, are the key. However, the true goal of a Coach is to educate, impower, and motivate individuals to take back control of their health....and to stay healthy! This course will teach an understanding of Physical Activity (Exercise), Nutrition, Stress Management, Anatomy and Physiology, Tobacco Cessation (or other addictive substances), Herbology, Nutritional Supplementation, First Aid and CPR. 

MOD-2-9. Healthy Weight Management - There are many theories about how and why humans gain weight. Nothing has changed drastically in thousands of years of human evolution. The key is in our food and our daily physical energy-expenditures, but there is a new twist on the “calories-in vs calories-out” formula because of bio-individuality. Plus, many are more complacent, and their activity levels have crashed to a stand-still. Compound this with our food and drinks undergoing massive transformations, leading to more toxic chemical preservatives, hazardous man-made fats, sugar-substitutes, and “flavor enhancers”, driving us to eat more. Today's food choices are mere representations of “real” food. This course will help to identify the difference, providing up to date information on what to avoid and what healthy foods to get more of for reduced caloric intake.

MOD-2-10. Legal Guidelines – This course outlines the legal responsibilities and restrictions the student must be aware of to protect himself/herself and act legally in the natural health field. The student will learn how to use proper terminology in communicating and interacting with others and how to educate others in the natural health field. 

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