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Transfer Students

Faith College of Natural Health welcomes transfer students. Sealed official college transcripts must be submitted directly to the school from all institutions of learning the student attended after graduation from High School. Also include photocopies of all Certifications and non-credit learning such as health training courses, in-service teacher training, workshops, clinics, conferences and conventions, lectures, online courses, non-credit correspondence courses, etc. Students with formal education and specialized training may qualify to transfer credits into a Degree program. Granting of transfer credits for students from other institutions will be determined by Faith College of Natural Health administration.


Faith College of Natural Health transcripts contain essential academic data such as grades, courses, credits earned, degrees (with major), and the date of graduation. Official transcripts have the seal of Faith College of Natural Health, appropriate signatures and are available to students who have attended this institution. Official transcripts are issued directly to other colleges or employers. Official transcripts can only be released upon receipt of official letters from previous learning institutions, or upon receipt of a written request signed by the student. NOTE: Transcripts will not be issued for a student who has not met all financial obligations to Faith College of Natural Health.


The value of any college degree is subjective; depending upon many circumstances, conditions and needs.  Most universities, colleges, institutions, agencies, etc., have their own specific criteria as to recognition and acceptability of transferred educational credits. Faith College of Natural Health credits are acceptable at many other good schools, but whether a particular school or agency will accept our credits and/or degrees is quite unpredictable. We cannot be responsible for the decisions and policies of others. It is a very subjective issue depending upon many circumstances. But I believe you will find most similar schools will accept transfer credits from Faith College of Natural Health. Therefore, any questions regarding the above should be directed to those authorities responsible for making such judgments.  Faith College of Natural Health makes no guarantee, nor does it operate a referral or placement service for employment.  A degree from Faith College of Natural Health does not guarantee a job in any specific market however since we are an approved academic institution by the prestigious Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) you are eligible for Licensure through the PWA.